"Imalo Edno Vreme" brand identity, packaging design, store branding and communications materials.

"Imalo Edno Vreme..." {lit.trans.:Once Upon a Time...} is a brand name for Krina. Against the backdrop of the massive import of staple foods from abroad, along with the destroyed Bulgarian agriculture, the company's creators dream of helping to revive it and offer Bulgarian beans, lentils and rice. The series is limited to the exhaustion of the annual harvest. The name sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, but with a note of nostalgia for the golden years of Bulgarian agriculture.

Brand alchemy: Our brand concept is inspired by the archetypal Bulgarian folk tales, and in aesthetic respect it is honored with the great Bulgarian illustrator Alexander Denkov and his emblematic illustrations of "Bulgarian Folk Tales" by Angel Karaliychev, ed. 1975 The packaging design speaks to the connoisseurs of Bulgarian products and creates this dreamy sense of value.

What we did: brand identity, packaging design, graphic system, branding for stores.
brand identity, packaging design, design concept, Once upon a time, food
brand identity, packaging design, design concept, Once upon a time, food
With accurate graphic elements and messages, we focused the audience's attention on the problem of (ruined) Bulgarian agriculture. The introduction of the series was a great success on the Bulgarian market.
Мариана Младенова
Co-founder & Marketing director, krina
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