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We create vibrant and evolving brands. Talking Brands®. Those with a message, common sense and visible value to people. We make them more friendly and workable; we clarify and enhance their qualities. We give the reason to be remembered forever! Our fuel comes from the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and who we are.

Enthusiasm is the reason for all this. We are a branding agency with the most productive experience in Bulgaria in 20 different business sectors and over 200 branding projects. As a result, we are the most awarded in the field of branding, identity and packaging design with over 40 gold, silver and bronze awards from Bulgarian and international professional competitions.

In recent years, we have been creating brands mainly for international markets. We work with startup companies as well as the "biggest" ones. And we do not stop here, preparing the brands and companies that will have the essential benefits today - strong content and born for our digital world.
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Brand Visual Strategy

  • Brand audit of the brand's graphic behavior, content and messages
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic directions
Brand identity

  • Visual positioning
  • A strategic framework for graphic and meaningful behavior
  • Guide to the application of the Brand Standard
Content Design

  • Visual identity
  • Content for social channels
  • Guide to applying the communication style
Branding and Digital Communication
Today, the Brand's first appearance, even before it gets on the shelf, is in digital channels. To successfully launch it, we partner with a company with experience, expertise and attitude towards your Brand similar to ours. These are Digiheroes.

As early as the first stage of identity creation, Digiheroes are involved in the brand strategy. Together, we manage the processes of building, content creation, planning and communication for digital channels. Together, we discuss the details and go deep into the brand strategy. We simplify the process when you have to manage teams with different expertise. From the beginning, we have a common goal, the integrity of the brand presentation.
Experience with Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm helped us create the brand identity from scratch with honest and practical advice. The brand concept has become a solid foundation that has helped us to improve and grow our portfolio and distribution.
Mariana Mladenova
CEO, La garone
Working with Enthusiasm was a great pleasure. They are impressive creators who work efficiently, always thinking outside the box, even on very short notice.
Maria Stanisheva
Media & Diversity Manager,
British Council
Prior to our meeting with Velina Mavrodinova from Enthusiasm, several possible brand names, different identities, were on the table. Different directions. We could go anywhere. But after she introduced us to her concept of Bread and Soul - both intuitive and uncompromisingly analytical, the brand took shape and density, and we recognized it and filled it with content. Because Enthusiasm didn't just make us very beautiful logos they went into the depths of what we were doing, they saw who we were and helped us express it, accurately and clearly, without unnecessary noise, working with them was, and continues to be, one of the most meaningful things that has happened to us.
Stanislava Kuneva and Stefka Paunova
Founders & CEo, Хляб и SOUL
With accurate graphic elements and messages, we focused the audience's attention on the problem of (ruined) Bulgarian agriculture. The introduction of the series was a great success on the Bulgarian market.
Mariana Mladenova
Co-founder & Marketing Director, KRINA
Enthusiasm has been with Laven since the birth of our young international brand Bebble, but the challenge for us was to dress the brand so that it could stand up to proven market leaders around the world. After extensive analysis, much discussion and insight into the product category to the last detail, Velina and her highly professional team developed the brand identity we launched in 2013. To this day, Bebble is climbing its ambitious path up and up, and we continue to place it in the hands of the same creative team. The brand is accepted without barriers in both the Far East and Russian markets, as well as in Europe and North America.

I know why it comes out and here I will rent a part of Velina's kitchen - "The customer wants it" does NOT exist in them. There are very few professionals in our country who are able to build a stable, visual identity of a brand in time, and to protect it, sometimes even by its owners. I'm comfortable working with Enthusiasm and our baby Bebble is in their caring hands.
Greta Marinova
Senior brand manager, Lavena
When we created Bookworm, Enthusiasm was one of our key followers. It was in the "co-thinking" of the digital platform to encourage children's reading, along with the team of Velina, that the sympathetic naughty Bookworm was born, with which tens of thousands of children today associate the platform and the pleasure of reading.
Desislava Gavrilova
Co-founder, Книговище
The Enthusiasm team has been extremely persistent in creating high-level aesthetics in Aroma brand design, packaging and creative communication. Their constant work has given us a design with an extremely aesthetic level, as well as communication ideas and realizations for which, they showed a flawless eye for detail and professional marketing attitude.
Iva Ikonomova
Marketing Director,
Aroma Cosmetics PLC

This is the perfect combination of professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm, guaranteed in the end product of the work that our team has given us, with exceptional quality! We have had the pleasure of partnering with Enthusiasm for a very long time.

The result of this collaboration was impressive printed materials and visual effects.
Valentin Georgiev
Executive Director,
American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

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