Brand campaign for British Council Bulgaria

The British Council office in Bulgaria has approached us to create an awareness Media and Diversity campaign in the context of a very closed society, such as the Bulgarian one. Here, the "different" are not only poorly received but also rejected. The campaign included refugees, Roma, people living with HIV, people with different sexual orientations and people with disabilities.

Design Alchemy:

The main reason of this campaign was to create a journalist handbook. Created by Yana Burer Tavanie - famous journalist and activist with whom British Council wanted to help the media to write in the appropriate tone of voice regarding the minorities, in a well-intentioned amd not offensive manner.

We created five small campaigns for each group. The videos are copyright animations that deal with troublesome issues and relationships. As a result of the success of the campaign, the British Council World Wide adapted the campaigns in many countries across 4 continents, but kept our message "First we are people, then we are different". The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria was also involved in this campaign.

What we did:
five videos, design of a handbook for journalists, communication in metro stations and other communication materials.
British Council, social campaign, design, design concept, design award
British Council, social campaign, design, design concept, design award
Working with Enthusiasm was a great pleasure. They are impressive creators who work efficiently, always thinking outside the box, even on very short notice.
Maria Stanisheva
Media & Diversity Manager
British Council
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