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logo, brand identity, web design, design concept, typography, Книговище, Knigovishte
"Knigovishte" {lit. trans.: bookworm} is a website - an online game of questions and answers to read books. The site is a means by which children are encouraged to read more and check out reading through game-test and team competitions. "Knigovishte" is a unique platform in Bulgaria and has no analogue. In a very short time the site became extremely popular. The name is collectively from a book and a treasure, but speaks to the children through the merry association with the monster.

Brand alchemy: "Knigovishte" speak the language of children and teens to inspire them to read more, which is a difficult task nowadays. Book mascot is their guide in their literary games and competitions. It lives on in various communication applications, communicatively and expressively telling the student what he or she should do.

What we did: trademark and mascot, logo, branding and content design for the website and social channels, communication materials.
When we created Bookworm, Enthusiasm was one of our key followers. It was in the "co-thinking" of the digital platform to encourage children's reading, along with the team of Velina, that the sympathetic naughty Bookworm was born, with which tens of thousands of children today associate the platform and the pleasure of reading.
Desislava Gavrilova
Co-founder, Книговище
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