Hlyab & Soul, brand identity, graphic design

Hliab i soul, logo, packaging design, design concept, typography, signages​
This is love at first sight! And so we'll tell it differently. Bread and Soul is a very popular and beloved Sofia bakery for artisanal leavened bread. We got along instantly! We were asked to provide a name, but after creating a few, we asked the client to keep their amazing name and to build their brand . When the brand name is infused with the energy of the words, the visual is born.

Design alchemy:
In a symbοlic way we fused the sourdough and the soul of the craftsman to create the brand . The word play has gone beyond the words themselves.

What we did: logo, store branding, communication materials, content for social channels
Hliab i soul, logo, packaging design, design concept, typography, signages​
Prior to our meeting with Velina Mavrodinova from Enthusiasm, several possible brand names, different identities, were on the table. Different directions. We could go anywhere. But after she introduced us her concept of Bread and Soul - both intuitive and uncompromisingly analytical, the brand took shape and density, and we recognized it and filled it with content.

Because Enthusiasm not only made us a very beautiful logo - they delved into the depth of what we were doing, saw who we were and helped us express it. Accurate and clear, without unnecessary noise. Working with them has been, and continues to be, one of the most meaningful things that has happened to us.
Stanislava Kuneva & Stefka Paunova
Founders, hlyab и SOUL
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